Biden And Sanders Face Off In Six Key States In Next Round Of Primaries


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Biden And Sanders Face Off

We preview the next round of primary races that include some key states including the one that could be critical in the Democratic race — Michigan. Aired on 3/9/2020.

What is the current delegate count between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, and why is it important for Sanders to perform well in the upcoming primaries?

In the next round of Democratic primaries, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will go head-to-head in six crucial states. The outcome of these primaries will be crucial in determining who ultimately becomes the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential race.

The six states that will hold primaries on March 10 are Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Idaho, North Dakota, and Washington. Michigan is by far the largest of these states, with 125 delegates up for grabs. Mississippi, Missouri, and Washington are the next largest, with 36, 68, and 89 delegates respectively.

Biden currently holds a significant lead in the delegate count, with 664 to Sanders’ 573. This means that Sanders needs to perform well in these upcoming primaries if he hopes to catch up to Biden and have a chance of winning the nomination.

Michigan in particular will be a key battleground. Sanders won the state in the 2016 Democratic primaries, with a narrow victory over Hillary Clinton. However, Biden is currently polling ahead in Michigan, with a recent poll showing him leading Sanders by double digits.

The African American vote will also be a crucial factor in the upcoming primaries, as it has been throughout the Democratic race so far. African Americans make up a significant portion of the electorate in Mississippi and Missouri, and they could play a decisive role in determining the outcome of those contests.

Biden has been able to attract strong support from African American voters throughout the election cycle, thanks in part to his close association with former President Barack Obama. Sanders, on the other hand, has struggled to win over this demographic, despite frequently emphasizing his support for policies like Medicare for All and criminal justice reform that he believes will benefit African Americans.

The coronavirus outbreak could also have an impact on the upcoming primaries. Washington State has been hit particularly hard by the virus, with over 100 cases and 18 deaths reported as of March 5. It remains to be seen how this will affect turnout in the state, and whether voters will be more inclined to support one candidate or another based on their responses to the outbreak.

Overall, the next round of Democratic primaries will be crucial in determining who will ultimately win the Democratic nomination. Biden currently has the advantage, but Sanders will be hoping to pull off some upsets and narrow the delegate gap. With so much at stake, both candidates will be fighting hard to win over voters in these six key states.

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